2009 Award Winners

Jonas Feinstein

Jonas is awarded for his knowledge and dedication to both Forest Service and NRCS national programs. Jonas diligently uses his knowledge to efficiently apply those programs at the local, state, and regional levels.

Ohio Forest Resource Partnership

This collaborative effort includes the Ohio Division of Forestry; Forest Service, State & Private Forestry, Northeastern Area; Forest Service, Wayne National Forest; and the Ohio NRCS. Since the group implemented one of the first Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) among a State Conservationist, State Forester, State and Private Field Representative, and a National Forest Supervisor, the group has worked effectively together to increase conservation and stewardship in the state of Ohio. The partnership has successfully attracted funds from incentive programs to apply to conservation and stewardship efforts across landscape boundaries.

Montana Joint Forestry Team

This partnership includes Montana Department of Natural Resources; Forest Service, State and Private Forestry; NRCS; Montana State University; and Montana Association of Conservation Districts. This group has collectively implemented a MOU, which has become a template for the national Joint Forestry Team MOU efforts. The group is also developing a stewardship plan template that can be used for American Tree Farm System, Forest Service Forest Stewardship Program, and NRCS conservation plans. The partnership has been actively working together to structure a cost-share program to support important conservation efforts.