Success Stories

Fixing windbreaks in Kansas

Windbreaks are an important practice for many Kansas farmers and ranchers. Among many benefits they help protect the soil and enhance crop productivity. But many windbreaks in the state are old and tired, and in need of repair. The Kansas Forest Service (KFS) identified this concern as a priority in its State Forest Action Plan, and a few years ago organized windbreak assessments in the southwestern and western parts of the state to learn more about the condition of existing windbreaks.

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Wyoming partners combat wildfire

The best defense against catastrophic wildfire is a good offense – sound forest management to improve forest health and reduce fuel loads. But state and federal land managers often do not have the luxury to invest; same as catastrophic wildfires consume forests, fire suppression dollars consume budgets. The State of Wyoming is doing its part to reverse this trend.

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A solid partnership in North Dakota

Several years ago, North Dakota Conservation District Employees Association President Lori Frank was asked by the North Dakota Forest Service if the state’s districts might assist with a wildfire grant project.

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Part of the national Joint Forestry Team’s mission is to draw attention to local, state and regional projects that bring forestry partners from various agencies and organizations together…

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Two Chiefs Partnership Awards

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service and Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) collect nominations each year for the Two Chiefs’ Partnership Awards. The awards are given to recognize successful conservation efforts made possible through partnerships among employees or officials from state forestry agencies and conservation districts, as well as Forest Service and NRCS, who have worked collaboratively to support conservation and forest stewardship.