Multi-State/Watershed Partnerships

These are recently approved MOUs and agreements at the multi-state/watershed level between agencies and organizations that include at least two of the national joint forestry MOU partners.

Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont “Keeping Forest in Forest”

The NRCS (state conservationists for Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont), USFS (field representative for the Durham Field Office and the Forest Supervisors for the Green Mountain & Finger Lakes and White Mountain National Forests), the North East State Foresters Association (representing the state forestry agencies from Maine, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont) signed an MOU to provide a framework for the partners to actively cooperate in the conservation and management of working forest landscapes within the Northern Forest in the states of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

Memorandum of Understanding

Upper Mississippi Forestry Partnership MOU

Eight partners with forestry and conservation assistance responsibilities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin (MOU signees are State Foresters for IL, IN, IA, MN, MO, WI; NACD Chair for North Central Region; and USFS Northeastern Area) signed this MOU in 2006 to provide a general framework of cooperation concerning the common goal of restoring or enhancing the forest resources of the Upper Mississippi watershed.

Original MOU (June 2006)

The original MOU was modified to include NRCS and USFS partners (new MOU signees are State Conservationists for IL, IN, IA, MN, MO, WI; and USFS Regional Forester, Region 9).

Updated MOU (July 2008)