Leaders from state forestry agencies, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), conservation districts, and USDA-Forest Service (USFS) have been actively forming partnerships to increase cooperation and improve forestry-related assistance to landowners, consistent with the purpose of the national “joint forestry” memorandum of understanding (MOU). Examples of these partnerships (e.g., MOUs and agreements at the state, multi-state, watershed and landscape scale), outreach and marketing tools and other information are provided below as a resource for leaders in other states or geographic areas to use to enhance their cooperative activities and further implement the national Joint Forestry Team MOU.

Common Forest Management Plan Template

This management plan outlines sustainable forestry guidelines for the conservation of natural resources within this forest and addresses immediate needs (next 5 years) as well as long term (50+ years) objectives and actions.

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Forestry Tools

These documents are brochures, handouts and other tools and information aimed at communicating with landowners about forestry-related programs, issues and opportunities.

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Integration of Forest Management Plans

This section contains examples of joint efforts to integrate NRCS conservation plans with Forest Stewardship plans.

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Multi-State/Watershed Partnerships

These are recently approved MOUs and agreements at the multi-state/watershed level between agencies and organizations that include at least two of the national joint forestry MOU partners.

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State-Level Partnerships

These are recently approved state-level MOUs, cooperative/contribution agreements and related documents that include at least two of the national joint forestry MOU partners (i.e., state forestry agencies, conservation districts, NRCS, USFS).

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JFT Webinars

These are webinars recently hosted by the Joint Forestry Team.

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